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Monica Johnson | Contemporary Painter


Monica and Jessie

My work includes both serene seascapes and abstract designs. Living on the central coast of California I am deeply inspired by nature, witnessing the balance and harmony created through its various cycles and seasons. I am constantly inquiring within myself and allowing my senses to be open and receptive to the world around me.


I start all my paintings by journaling, quotes, or words written on the canvas or wood panel as a way to set an intention for the artwork. Marks are made from objects I’ve found in the forest and the beach; from leaves and bark, to feathers and bottle caps. I love building layers using acrylic paint, oil sticks, graphite, charcoal and collage that engage me in the moment, scraping back layers to reveal its history, then adding more layers. 


Every painting goes through its own cycles and I strive to create balance and harmony in each piece. Richly textured and layered, the viewer is invited to search below the surface. Just as in life to look within, “below their surface,” for their own truth. 

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