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Monica Johnson | Contemporary Painter


Monica and Jessie




My creative spirit and imagination run wild through abstract painting. Being deeply inspired by nature and with the human experience, I find beauty in the way that everything is connected. My art is an exploration of these connections and the complex rhythms that exists within simplicity. It serves as a reminder to find stillness in the midst of chaos.


Each painting begins with intention – words, phrases, and thoughts scribed across the canvas to evoke meaning. Meaning is then translated with paint and my process is one of constant exploration and discovery. Each brushstroke and mark on the canvas is an opportunity for me to push the boundaries of what is possible, to experiment with different techniques and materials, and to follow my own intuition and inspiration.


Luminous depth emerges through the use of acrylic paint, graphite and collage, creating abstracting shapes, colors, and movements. Adding then subtracting, layers emerge then disappear, building a rich story upon the canvas. Mark upon mark creates a rhythmic pattern.


This process of artmaking is a way for me to step into the unknown, move through and understand the world. Through my paintings, I hope to inspire people to cultivate their own inner peace, creating a place for reflection, connection, and tranquility.

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