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Monica Johnson is a contemporary abstract painter based in Carmel, California. Her acrylic and mixed media pieces are infused with deep intention, as she paints what is insider her, drawing inspiration from her personal connection with the rich and natural beauty of the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur Wilderness. Monica’s artwork features a synthesis of earthy colors, rich texture, and organic composition to explore the complexities that lie beneath the surface of simplicity.


Born in Monterey, Monica moved to Kansas as a child before returning to her hometown in her twenties. There, she established successful careers in both dental hygiene and massage therapy.


With her background in the healing arts and an innate love of beauty and creativity, Monica  is  uniquely positioned to explore the intersection of science and art.  In 2018 she began to paint and soon discovered her passion for abstract expressionism. She committed to refining her painting skills, studying with several accomplished artists and teachers, and developed her style by imbuing her canvases with inspirational and empowering words that resonate with her.


Monica now paints for the thrill of exploration and discovery and the love of enhancing people’s lives. It is the most life-affirming thing she can do.


Monica’s artwork has been showcased in both local and national exhibitions. In addition, Monica has developed a growing following among collectors throughout the United States and Canada. Her art studio is located in Carmel, California and she is represented by Gallery Sur, Carmel.

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