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Remember Who You Are

Vessels accept, contain, protect and preserve birth/death/rebirth cycle of life at the physical and metaphysical levels. Our body is a vessel. Our planet Earth is a vessel.

Twenty years ago, I took a few wheel-thrown pottery classes and fell in love with shaping the clay and layering the glazes. My body can no longer do the work required to throw pots, so now I explore the symbolism of vessels using collage, paint, and gold leaf.


I hand-paint the papers and then cut and tear them into small pieces. The papers are reassembled piece by piece, creating a new and more beautiful form. This process is a metaphor for life. There are periods where everything is okay and then we experience events that are challenging or traumatic – we feel cracked or broken. We build ourselves back up, piece by piece, creating a new beautiful life.


The vessels I create never have a lid. Add what you need to nourish yourself and pour out your gifts and share with others. Remember who you are.                                                                                                                                  

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