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We are constantly moving between worlds in our daily lives.


The lower world is our unconscious, our gut feeling. It is the old stories/habits from our ancestors and society. It holds the keys that open doorways of growth. Our challenge is to explore what we find there. We bring these finds into the light of our awareness in the middle world, our waking consciousness and our task is to live authentically and fully present. In the middle world we can mulch and transmute and integrate the unprocessed material. It is empowering to get traction with what was once elusive or avoided or denied in the collective. When we have digested, extracted the nourishment or "medicine" from it and released the waste (old story/habit, etc), we naturally move into the upper world where the doorway is opened to a new, expanded perception.


Our movement between worlds is not always a straight line and there are curves and unexpected turns. Flow with it and find your own path.

Between Worlds

  • About the artwork

    36" x 36" x 1.5"  acrylic, oil pastel, and collage on canvas, original artwork by Monica Johnson


    Finished with a UV satin varnish to protect from dust and light.


    Frame: Natural maple float-mount frame. Wired and ready to hang.

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