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Orange is one of my favorite colors. For me, it's bold and unashamed. It is a color that is genderless, it's not too masculine and it's not too feminine. It's open-hearted and takes in everyone. It feels like home - warm and safe and it reminds me of sunrises and sunsets. It has the qualities of enthusiasm, joy, creativity, determination, health, happiness, balance and enjoyment. What does orange mean to you?

Warm Embrace

  • About this artwork

    24" x 36" acrylic and ink on canvas, original painting by Monica Johnson.


    Finished with a UV satin varnish to protect from dust and light.


    Canvas Edges: Light, warm gray


    Wired and ready to hang.

  • Inquire

    My art is available for purchase at Gallery Sur in Carmel, CA. Please drop by or contact the gallery for purchase and shipping options.

  | 831-626-2615

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