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Allure, original red abstract seascape painting by Monica Johnson, is a stunning masterpiece that captures the essence of the sea in a unique and modern way. The use of red in this painting adds a sense of calm and tranquility, while simultaneously infusing energy and vibrancy. The abstract style of the seascape is captivating and draws the viewer in, allowing them to imagine themselves standing on the shoreline looking out at the horizon. Each brushstroke is carefully crafted, making this piece a true work of art that will enhance the decor of any room.


  • About this artwork

    24” x 36” acrylic and ink on gallery wrap canvas, original painting by Monica Johnson.

    Finished with a UV satin varnish to protect from dust and light.  Frame: Maple float-mount frame


  • Inquire

    My art is available for purchase at Gallery Sur in Carmel, CA. Please drop by or contact the gallery for purchase and shipping options.

  | 831-626-2615

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